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Craftech Industries, Inc.
Company Profile  
For over four decades, Craftech has been manufacturing custom plastic fasteners and plastic components for both large and small companies worldwide.

Since our in-house capabilities include precision machining, mold building and injection molding, we can provide prototype production, short runs and long runs at competitive prices. Samples of plastic fasteners are available upon request. Craftech has experience developing custom plastic fasteners and plastic parts for a wide variety of industries, including military, marine, photovoltaic, printing, refrigeration, and many others.

Craftech works in hundreds of engineered plastic materials which offer a wide choice of solutions for your application needs.

We have experience with general purpose plastic materials as well as some of the most “exotic” plastic materials available today. Visit the resources page to find out more.

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Phone: 800-833-5130/(518)828-5001
Fax: (518) 828-9468
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